Product Size: 20.98*13.49*82.86mm
Capacity: 1.2ml
Resistance: 1.0Ω
Built-in Battery: 400 mAh
Nicotine: 20mg
Shelf Life: 24 months
Cutting-edge Frequency Conversion Chip
After gathering 2 million users’ data, MOTI S Lite generates an ultimate output power curve, precisely enabling a heating efficiency and temperature control. Thanks to the FEELM technology, at each temperature, you can enjoy a corespondent flavor that suits for your mood and needs.
Revolutionary FEELM Coil
MOTI S Lite employs FEELM Technology that strictly controls the size and clearance of each aperture, ensuing every drop of liquid be conducted evenly. It also ensures the aromatic molecules in the liquid are fully released, giving you an unprecedented delicate and pure taste.
Outstanding Appearance & Delicate Craftsmanship
The device has an outstanding look pained with gradient colors created by the CNC (Computer Numeric Controller) milling technology. Its angular design on the sides shows a bold modern aesthetic, easily making you stand out in the crowd.
5-Layer Leak-proof Design
MOTI S Lite has a 5-layer leak-proof structural design, which can hold the liquid to avoid gravity leakage. When the liquid flows into the ceramic bottom, it can be immediately atomized by the metal film without causing leakage.
Fast charging keeps continuous TASTE
The Type-C USB interface of MOTI S Lite supports fast charging. It only takes less than an hour to fully charge the device. The 400mAh large capacity battery also ensures long use time.
TASTE the Surprise with a Mystery for More Fun
Feel the surge! How to start: insert in and out the pod 3-4 times consecutively without completely plug in, then plug in again to start the surge mode.