“I vow to stay smoke free,currently 11 months smoke free and planning to stay that way!!”
- Perry Swaep
“I'll give cigarette up for my family's health and myself as well.”
- Ryan Kop
"I haven't touched a cigarette in 1 month. I will continue to do this for the rest of the year."
- Tyler Hodge
"I vow to quit smoking so I can live a long life spoiling my grand baby."
- Roxann Benthagen
"I vow to quit for my children and to spread the word to all smokers because SMOKIKG KILLS AND VAPING SAVES LIVES!"
- Jason T Frazier
"To stay off cigarettes, ive been using the original moti pod system.(wish you guys still made the flavored pods)"
- Evan Sloss
"I vow to quit smoking so I can live a longer, fuller, less smelly life!"
- David Morrison

 Campaign Theme: "My Last Cigarette in 2020"    

 Time Frame: March 11th to April 26th 2020


MOTI is launching a stop-smoking campaign “My Last Cigarette in 2020” to encourage smokers to break free from the chains of cigarette in 2020. We want to empower smokers to fight for a healthier and better life without cigarettes. 


We need you to make a solemn vow that when you extinguish this last cigarette: YOU WILL NEVER EVER SMOKE CIGARETTES AGAIN.


We strongly encourage you to make a vow and sign up your information below. The deadline for registration is March 22rd. 

To recognise your efforts and determination(as long as you sign up below and tell us your vow) we will regard you :


"My Last Cigarette" pendant accessory

MOTI commemorative plaque


50% unique coupon code(on all MOTI products)


All gifts are limited editions, so we will randomly select 30 lucky participates to win the gift package! Also, we will give out free masks for you to protect yourself from the corona virus. Everyone who get selected will receive two pieces of masks! You will be able to receive the gift package within one month. Please follow any of our social media accounts to get updates! (@motiunitedkingdom @motiglobal)


After you receive our gift package, we kindly ask that you share the photos about your quiting attempts as well as the stop smoking gift package on social media platforms using hashtags #MyLastCig2020 #SwitchToMOTI #MOTI #FindYourMOTIvation


As an integral part of the Stop Smoking Campaign, MOTI is also looking for a lifetime brand ambassador to show quitting progress through a life with MOTI products and support.


【 Lifetime Brand Ambassador’s Benefits 】


2 Pod per month

1 MOTI Piin per month


【 Easy To Join 】


1. What are your motivations on quitting smoking?

2. How has quitting smoking changed your life?

Flexible Format: Essay, picture, video, song, painting, any format you prefer

Registration Date: March 27th to April 26th

Please send your applications to moti@motinow.co.uk.