Smoothest Pod System

MOTI·S Lite Pre-Sale is On

Official Release: Jan. 22nd 2021

Disposable E-cig MOTI Piin Disposable E-cig MOTI Piin
Your go-to choice

MOTI · Piin

Limitless Flavor
Limitless Fun

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Large puff Disposable E-cig MOTI Piin Plus Large puff Disposable E-cig MOTI Piin Plus
Plus Size
More Satisfaction

MOTI · Piin Plus

Taste the Inspiration

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Alternative Choice for Smokers

MOTI Classic

Find Your Motivation

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DTL Disposable E-Cig MOTI Mega DTL Disposable E-Cig MOTI Mega
Big Cloud Like a Mod

MOTI · Mega

World's First
DTL Disposable E-Cig

Pod Mod MOTI X Pod Mod MOTI X
Smart Smooth Safe


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Find your motivation.

MOTI inspires seamless fusion of style and technology.

MOTI, as a top electronic cigarette company, provides advanced solutions for smokers to quit smoking.
Our goal is to push the boundary and strive for perfection. MOTI is dedicated to present them with innovative products and premium experiences.
Vape in style and technology.

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Vape in Style and Technology with Pleasure

Solutions for Better Lifestyle